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Service for Hosts

If you would like to invite international scientists for research purposes, to complete a doctorate or as a lecturer, we are happy to assist you and your guest with the administrative steps.

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You are welcome to get in touch with us in case of questions regarding:

  • Invitation Letters / Hosting Agreements
  • Visa or Residence Permit
  • Paperwork for Employment Contracts (at the University of Potsdam only)
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Enrollment for Doctoral Students / Candidates
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Claudia Rößling and Frauke Stobbe

"Am Neuen Palais" Service Center | Phone: +49.331.977-1382 / -153052 | e-Mail: welcome-center[at]

Pia Sójka and Lydia Bauer

"Telegrafenberg" Service Center | Phone: +49.331.288-2326/ -2322 | e-Mail: welcome-center[at]