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Lecture Series: Introduction to Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability

The introductory lecture of  the new master program CLEWS is open for everyone! It is organized as hybrid lecture so it takes place online and in class.
The lecture gives an introduction of the different sub-systems and components of the Earth System and an overview of recent challenges in researching and overcoming global and regional change issues in climate, earth, water, and sustainability  sciences.

One can access the lecture on zoom via the university website open.up - everyone can create an account very quickly and UP members can use their UP-Mail account.

Room & time: Tuesdays, 16:15 to 17:45, lecture room (+ online)

Online - Access:

Language: english

DateTitle of presentationSpeaker
25.10.2022Welcome & Climate research in Antarctica - Expedition report from the AWI vessel POLARSTERNApl. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Diekmann (AWI), A. Kubatzki (UP), W. Schwanghart (UP)
01.11.2022Uncertainty in Models of the Earth System and its ComponentsProf. Thorsten Wagener (UP)
08.11.2022Natural Hazards and risksProf. Bruno Merz (GFZ)
15.11.2022Physics of the Oceans / Climate Change CommunicationProf. Stefan Rahmstorf (PIK)
22.11.2022Hydrological extremes: mechanisms, impacts and trendsProf. Axel Bronstert (UP)
29.11.2022Earth observations for climate and sustainablityProf. Dr. Martin Herold (GFZ)
06.12.2022Climate Change, Arctic Coasts & PermafrostDr. Michael Fritz (AWI)
13.12.2022Risks and vulnerabilities caused by digital data use in agriculture – Findings from a transdisciplinary process for the case of GermanyJProf. Jana Zscheischler
03.01.2023Global impact of nutrition on climateProf. André Kleinridders (UP)
10.01.2023Planetary boundariesProf. Johan Rockström (PIK)
17.01.2023A policy mix for deep decarbonisationProf. Johan Lilliestam (IASS)
24.01.2023The CO2 balance of energy production and consumptionProf. Dieter Neher (UP)
31.01.2023Carbon PricingProf. Matthias Kalkuhl (MCC)
07.02.2023Climate change impacts on biodiversityProf. Damaris Zurell (UP)