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climate protection concept of the university of potsdam

Many projects already implemented by the Environmental Commission contribute directly or indirectly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thus to climate protection. However, a systematic reduction of greenhouse gases is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, the University of Potsdam has decided to develop an integrated climate protection concept, funded by the national climate protection initiative of the German government. As a practical guide for action, the concept serves as a strategic decision-making basis and planning aid for the University of Potsdam's current and future climate protection efforts.

By highlighting potentials, effective measures for saving climate-damaging emissions were identified. The goals of the climate protection concept are based on the national climate protection goals, which specify a reduction of greenhouse gases by 80 to 95% by 2050.

Seven focus areas were considered as part of the concept:

  • Properties and their energy efficiency
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Mobility
  • Nutrition
  • Green IT
  • Procurement and disposal
  • Teaching

All measures that were developed, as well as the submitted proposals for measures, were evaluated with regard to their effectiveness and listed in order of priority.

In the end, the proposed measures contained in the climate protection concept should meet the purpose for which they were created: the targeted reduction of energy consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the university and its members.


Summary of climate protection concept


Umsetzung Klimaschutzmaßnahmen Stand 09/2022

Das Klimaschutzkonzept der Universität Potsdam

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