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Potsdam Climate & Sustainability Lectures | WiSe 2023/2024

The lecture series of the Institute of Environmental Science and Geography is open to everyone! It is organised as a hybrid lecture. Join us at Campus Golm, house 25, lecture hall F0.01 or online. The lecture will provide an introduction and overview of current challenges in researching and addressing global and regional change issues in climate, earth, water and sustainability sciences.

Room & time: Tuesdays, 16:15 to 17:45, lecture room 2.25.F0.01 (+ online)

Online - Access: https://openup.uni-potsdam.de/course/view.php?id=260

Language: english

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/qY5H8nBhEizX5Lqk9



Title of presentation

Speaker (institution)

117.10.2023Climate research in Antarctica: Expedition report from the AWI vessel POLARSTERNBernhard Diekmann (AWI)
224.10.2023Uncertainty in Models of the Earth SystemThorsten Wagener (UP)
307.11.2023Climate Change, Arctic Coasts & PermafrostMichael Fritz (AWI)
414.11.2023Land-use change as a driver of biodiversity lossTobias Kümmerle (HU)
521.11.2023Earth observations for climate and sustainablityMartin Herold (GFZ)
628.11.2023Physics of the Oceans / The Climate DebateStefan Rahmstorf (PIK)
705.12.2023How climate change and un-planned urban sprawl bring more landslides / Co-PREPARE: Natural Risk Assessment and Forecasting in the Himalayan RegionUgur Öztürk (UP) / Wolfgang Schwanghart (UP)
812.12.2023Climate change impacts on biodiversityDamaris Zurell (UP)
919.12.2023Investigating microplastics in the environmentSascha Oswald (UP)
                                                                             [Christmas break from 23.12.2023 till 07.01.2024]
1009.01.2024Planetary boundariesJohan Rockström (PIK)
1116.01.2024Compound weather and climate eventsJakob Zscheischler (UFZ)
1223.01.2024The CO2 balance of energy production and consumptionDieter Neher (UP)
1330.01.2024Carbon PricingMatthias Kalkuhl (MCC)
1406.02.2024Climate Change CommunicationBirgit Schneider (UP)