Lecture Series: Introduction to Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability

Fluss in der Abendsonne
Foto: Vera Öztürk

The new international master program CLEWS is starting and the introductory lecture is open for everyone! It is organized as hybrid lecture so it takes place online and in class.
The lecture gives an introduction of the different sub-systems and components of the Earth System and an overview of recent challenges in researching and overcoming global and regional change issues in climate, earth, water, and sustainability sciences.

One can access the lecture on zoom via the university website open.up - everyone can create an account very quickly and UP members can use their UP-Mail account.


NoWeekTuesdays 16:15-17:45SpeakerInstitutionTitle of presentation
14326-Okt.Prof. Dr. A. Bronstert + A. Pikovsky + B. DiekmannUPWelcome & Introduction to CLEWS
2442-Nov.Apl. Prof. Dr. Bernhard DiekmannAWIEarth's Climate History
3459-Nov.Prof. Dr. Annegret ThiekenUPNatural Hazards and risks
44616-Nov.Prof. Dr. Marc LawrenceIASSDrivers of climate change
54723-Nov.Prof. Dr. Anders LevermannPIKThe dynamics of tipping elements in the climate system
64830-Nov.Prof. Dr. Stefan RahmstorfPIKPhysics of the Oceans
7497-Dez.Prof. Dr. Axel BronstertUPhydrological extremes: mechanisms, impacts and trends
85014-Dez.Prof. Dr. Thorsten WagenerUPUncertainty in Models of the Earth System and its Components
Fluss in der Abendsonne
Foto: Vera Öztürk