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symbolic pictures of the action fields
Photo: Arcadis

We are looking for climate protection ambassadors!

Would you like to get actively involved in climate protection at the university? Then become a climate protection ambassador! It costs you very little time and would bring us great benefits.

The University of Potsdam has more than a hundred buildings and a very large number of rooms, and therefore many users going in and out of them. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere at the same time and notice if, for example, a ventilation system is set incorrectly and therefore consumes more energy than necessary. This is exactly the kind of information we need from you!

Apart from the possibility of reporting technical faults via a form , we would like to have an exchange with you about where unsuitable settings of the building technology can be corrected and work processes improved in order to save electricity, heat and other resources. Optimally, we would like to have at least one contact person per building (-section), these are ideally staff members or students who are there very regularly.

Whether you use mainly office rooms, lecture halls, labs, or greenhouses, any input is very valuable!

Sign up here!



symbolic pictures of the action fields
Photo: Arcadis

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