Towards the Innovation City Potsdam

University of Potsdam visits Experts on Innovation, Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Denmark and Finland

A delegation of innovation, knowledge and technology transfer specialists from Potsdam is visiting outstanding science regions in Denmark and Finland from 25th to 29th November 2014. The trip to Kolding (DK) and Espoo (FI) will provide new momentum for future collaboration with Scandinavian partners and promote the development of an innovative science and business region Potsdam-Brandenburg. In an online diary they participants will write about their trip on the website of the University of Potsdam.

During their trip the Potsdam delegation is visiting innovation and technology centers in Denmark and Finland. The members of the delegation, who come from pearls – Potsdam Research Network, Potsdam Transfer, the University’s EU-Office and Management are particularly interested in exploring the development and present structures of Innovation Hubs. The institutions of the University of Potsdam hope to get new impulses for the further development of the science and business region Potsdam-Brandenburg. Some central issues are for instance how universities, as a driving force of an economic region, can promote innovations and how Living Labs accelerate the innovation process in technology parks. 
The trip is taking the delegation to the Design City Kolding, to the IBC Innovation Factory and the University of Southern Denmark. In Finland they are visiting Otaniemi in Espoo, Northern Europe’s biggest technology hub. This place features a unique mix of research organizations, academic institutions, and technology corporations. 
The contacts initiated during the trip will be prolonged in the next year.

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From 25th to 29th November 2014 Dr. Jonas Krebs (EU-Office of the University of Potsdam) and Anselm Geiger (Pearls – Potsdam Research Network), Wulf Bickenbach (Potsdam Transfer), Gordon Grill (President’s Office of the University of Potsdam) and Silvana Seppä (Press and Public Relations Department of the University of Potsdam) travel to Denmark and Finland. You will find an online diary of the team on the homepage of the University of Potsdam during this period.

Duration: 25th Nov. 2014 – 29th Nov. 2014
Contact: Dr. Jonas KrebsEU-Office of the University of Potsdam
Tel.: 0331 977-4583
E-Mail: krebsjuni-potsdamde

Project funded by BMBF under the directive "Förderung des Auf- und Ausbaus innovativer FuE-Netzwerke mit Partnern in Ostsee-Anrainer-Staaten".

Text: Silvana Seppä,
Translation: Susanne Voigt,
Online editing: Silvana Seppä