Questions & Answers

Impression of the University Ball
Photo: Reinhard und Sommer

When does the University Ball take place?

The ball takes place on June 18, 2022. Admission is from 6pm, the event then starts at 7pm and ends at about 2am.

Where does the Ball take place and how do I get there?

The venue of the Ball is House 6, Campus Griebnitzsee.

What kind of tickets are there?

Seating or Strolling Tickets

The tickets differ only in terms of the fixed seat. The buffet and supporting program are identical.
Early birds will be rewarded again this year. Those who book tickets for the University Ball by April 14, 2022, will pay the reduced early bird price. From April 15, 2022, the normal price must then be paid.
Since the prices for students are reduced, students please present their student ID for legitimation at the entrance on the evening of the event!

Flanierkarte (Frühbucher)20 EUR30 EUR
Sitzplatzkarte (Frühbucher)40 EUR55 EUR
Flanierkarte25 EUR35 EUR
Sitzplatzkarte45 EUR60 EUR

Starting at 90 Euro per ticket - If you want to support the event or claim a seat in the front the VIP ticket is the right one for you.


The LateNight tickets entitle you to admission from 10 pm. Our night owls will also be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine. The buffet is already empty, but the party is still in full swing. Until midnight you can still dance to standard and latin. If you are there on time at 10 pm, you can also see the second block of the show program. After the midnight raffle there will be party music from the DJ. These tickets are also available at the box office or can be purchased through the ticket store until shortly before admission.
The tickets cost 10 Euros for all.

Wo bekomme ich Tickets?

Die Tickets bekommen Sie online unter

What is included in the ticket price?

The program and the buffet in the evening are included with all tickets. Seat ticket holders are entitled to a seat on the evening of the Uniball. Seats can be selected via the seating plan booking. Buyers of VIP tickets are entitled to a seat directly at the dance floor. In this case, the seating plan booking is not required. Since 2016, there are also late night tickets which allow entrance after 10pm. This means you can no longer take part in the buffet, but you can still shake a leg.

What about drinks?

Plenty of drinks will be available. At the bars you can order beer, wine and soft drinks as well as cocktails, but please notice that the bars only accept cash. We are sorry but card payment is not possible.

What shall I wear?

A ball and an extraordinary location, a stylish atmosphere - all this asks for appropriate attire.

Of course, we know that not everybody has an elegant evening gown or a tuxedo in their wardrobe. However, we kindly ask you to dress up for the occasion.

(Kopie 6)

I cannot dance any standard dances. Can I come to the event nevertheless?

Of course! Everybody who would like to enjoy an evening in pleasant company and stylish ambience is most welcome. The University Athletic Department even offers some courses for those who would like to learn a few dance steps or refresh their half-forgotten knowledge from dance school.
You can book these courses only after you have booked a ticket for the ball.