25.03.2021: The Mid-Level Managers of the Holocaust

How did mid-level Nazi managers contribute to the Holocaust?

19:00 MEZ
via Zoom

Alfred Filbert was a military man and Robert Griesinger was a ‘desk Nazi.’ Although both were mid-level SS managers and believed strongly in the Nazi regime, each carried out genocide in totally contrasting ways.

This event will explore how genocide is shaped by the often overlooked, ordinary individuals who contributed and supported the Nazi state. Dr Alex Kay (University of Potsdam) and Dr Daniel Lee (Queen Mary University of London) are both award-winning scholars of perpetration and biographers of Nazis.

This exciting conversation will look at the motivations of perpetrators, the ways in which specific individuals implemented genocide and extermination policies, as well as the practical challenges of researching the biographies of those who directly influenced the Holocaust.

This talk will take place on Zoom at 6.00pm GMT. If joining us from a different timezone, please check the time appropriate to where you are. It will be recorded so if any registered attendees are unable to attend live they will still be able to catch up. This event is part of our series of events in the theme of Antisemitism and Perpetration.