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E-Learning Award 2021
Photo: pixabay // BLuM

November 25, 2021 - E-Learning Day

For this year’s E-Learning Day, we will be focusing on presenting tested practice of our university’s social online teaching and learning and cooperatively exchanging experiences of designing e-learning scenarios. Teachers from our university will present their tried-and-tested concepts and share their insights into methods, teaching-learning activities and the appropriate digital tools with interested colleagues and students. With this, we will have the opportunity to discuss different formats of media-supported teaching, as well as the possibility of transferring these methods among and across disciplines.

This year's E-Learning Day will therefore pose following questions:

  • In the past year, which creative concepts enabled more social learning under unusual circumstances?
  • How have these approaches impacted our understanding of cooperation and togetherness? How can we observe these changes?
  • Which teaching ideas could be made broadly accessible on a subject-specific or interdisciplinary level?

We invite all teachers at the University of Potsdam to participate.

Timesheet E-Learning Day and E-Learning Award 2021



13:00 Uhr - 

13:15 Uhr 

Welcome Speech & Warm UP 


Welcome & Schedule


Meeting-ID: 698 5432 5019,

Kenncode: 10002000

13:15 Uhr -

14:45 Uhr

Best Practice Examples

Multiple parallel Sessions

(Sessions will be recorded when possible)

muliple Zoom-Rooms,

siehe Detailed timetable

14:45 -



15:00 - 


Networking and presentation of the projects

Lecturehall 3.06.H01 (Campus Griebnitzsee) and online


Meeting-ID: 698 5432 5019,

Passcode: 10002000

from 15:30

E-Learning Award 2021: Presentations of Nominees - Part 1

Lecturehall 3.06.H01 (Campus Griebnitzsee) and online


Meeting-ID: 698 5432 5019,

Passcode: 10002000

16:45 -



from 17:00

E-Learning Award 2021: Presentations of Nominees Part 2

Continuing: Final vote from the Jury and Audience on this year’s winners

Lecturehall 3.06.H01 (Campus Griebnitzsee) and online


Meeting-ID: 698 5432 5019,

Passcode: 10002000
 Afterwards: Award Ceremony with the Winners of the E-Learning Awards 2021

18:00 Uhr

Ende der Veranstaltung


Here Here you will find the detailed program planning and the zoom access data



The use of digital media has made it possible for most of the teaching to take place despite the current pandemic. Regular contact between teachers and students, as well as among students, is of particularly importance, reflected not least in the frequently expressed desire for more social interaction during studies. For the current call for proposals, we are interested in didactic, creative ideas – ideally including media-based tools – and proven concepts from the last semesters that addressed social interaction and communication.

Presenting your practical example at the E- Learning Day 2021

Successful e-learning practices that enhance learning progress should be acknowledged and made accessible for colleagues in the same or from different subjects. Therefore, we cordially invite all teachers to submit their concept of an implemented online course in form of a short outline, to present it at the E-Learning Day and to discuss transfer possibilities with all participants.
As was the case in the previous years, presenting these practical examples and awarding the E- Learning Award 2021 "Social Online Teaching" will go hand in hand. You can decided whether you would like to submit your presentation at the E-Learning Day for consideration.
Register here ...

 Register here...

    Participation in the E-Learning Award “Social Online Teaching”

    To promote the quality of e-learning scenarios in university teaching, the Presidential Board of the University of Potsdam is offering the e-learning award "Social Online Teaching" this year.

    The awarded prize money amounts to a total value of 10,000 euros.



    From those entries that participate in the E- Learning Award, the jury will nominate 5 entries. The respective teachers will be informed and will present their proven teaching concepts in a pitch at the end of the E-Learning Day. The jury and the audience (one vote) will select up to three winners.

    The deadline for submissions is 25th of October 2021 (12 noon).

      The nomination by the jury is based on these guiding questions:

      • Is the concept comprehensible and coherently presented?
      • How was the challenge of "social online teaching" managed? (How was the e-learning concept integrated into the course and which means of development and quality assurance were implemented?)
      • How appropriate and suitable were the methods and techniques used in relation to the target group? Was the e-learning concept designed to be sensitized towards diversity issues and was it thus able to adjust its teaching and studying sections accordingly?
      • How high is the subject-specific and/or interdisciplinary transferability?

      The jury

      Representatives of

      • the presidium
      • the ZfQ - Department of Teaching and Media
      • the e-learning coordinators of the faculties
      • the e-learning supervision team
      • the student body
      • the field of inclusion and participation

      Register a practical example here and apply for the E-Learning Award 2021


      The University of Potsdam’s E-Learning Award strives to fulfill following goal:

      ...making useful concepts and dedication for online teaching visible and honoring them,

      ...showing the full range of potential of digital media in their application in university teaching,

      ...highlighting possibilities of transferring media- based teaching-learning concepts and supporting the further development of existing and tested projects,

      ...deepening the exchange of experiences and networking between teachers and strengthening a culture of collegiality.