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How to create media content

Create media content
Photo: Pixabay // Bereich Lehre und Medien

How to make recordings using your own PC/laptop

Slidecasts or presentations with sound can be created quite easily using PowerPoint. All you need is a microphone, at best an external one, but also the built-in microphone of your laptop will do.

For videotaping presentations, you can also use the recording function in Adobe Connect. Simply create a meeting room, upload your presentation there and start recording as soon as your presentation begins. Basic editing (editing, anonymization) can be done after the recording (see How2 Adobe Connect)

There are also easy ways for audio recordings - whether on a PC/laptop or with a smartphone.

Create media content
Photo: Pixabay // Bereich Lehre und Medien

How to publish your recordings

The produced video material should be uploaded to Media.UP. This way, all content is centrally available. A finely graduated model of copy?rights is available to meet all requirements for data protection and confidentiality. Besides, students do not have to search extensively on different platforms and sites. (Further information about Media.UP )

Media.UP can be connected to Moodle coursesand it also does offer video streams. The respectively latest streams are listed on the starting page. Moreover, there is the possibility to include recordings as file uploads in Moodle courses. Video and audio files are then played directly in the browser.

For questions regarding Media.UP please contact zim-serviceuni-potsdamde or in very urgent cases A short written request with your contact details is sufficient. We will get back to you by phone.

Screencast on the Moodle Medial-PlugIn