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Scenarios and formats

Information and handouts for digital assessments

Laptop mit Maus und Notizblock
Photo: pixabay // BLuM

On the following pages you will find information and handouts on planning, preparing and conducting proctored online exams, oral online exams, open-book exams and the Exam.UP exam platform.

With the adaption of the general study and examination regulations at the University of Potsdam (BAMA-O and BAMALA-O) of 06.07.2022, the implementation of digital examinations were made permanent. With the adjustments, the framework conditions for online examinations have been regulated, in particular electronic identity verification and video proctoring for online proctored examinations.

Open-book exams are still possible. It is also still possible to conduct oral video exams.

Laptop mit Maus und Notizblock
Photo: pixabay // BLuM

Proctored Online Exams

From planning to implementation

E-Exams in person

E-assessments in pool rooms of the UP

Online oral exams

Video based exams


The examination platform of the University of Potsdam


Frequently Asked Questions


E-learning coordinators of the faculties

The following people are particularly familiar with the topic of "digital testing":

Mathias Loboda (Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences)
Marc Beilcke (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
Philipp Nern (Faculty of Humanities
Jenissa Terzic (Faculty of Law)
Jakob Arlt (Faculty of Philosophy)

You can reach all e-learning coordinators via the e-mail address: elis-koordinatorenlists.cs.uni-potsdamde.

E-Assessment.UP (E-Assessment Projekt)

Tom Janetzek (general questions)
Florian Fischer (technical questions)
Leonie Seibel (didactic questions) 

Student Legal Affairs Officer

Dr. Andrea Radcke (Dezernat 2: Studienangelegenheiten)