Structured doctoral programs

The University of Potsdam currently offers more than 25 structured doctoral programs in the natural sciences, the humanities, the human sciences, economics, and the social sciences.

A structured doctoral program is generally configured in a systematic manner. The participants are involved in a mandatory course of study; there is a curriculum that follows a specified theme, a set time period, individual advising, and secured financial support.

PhD programs that are funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - German Research Foundation) are also structured doctoral programs that aim at supporting young scholars. As a general rule, they are more focused thematically, interdisciplinary in outlook, and offer a structured qualification plan.

For an overview of the structured doctoral programs at the University of Potsdam, please see here.

Please note that each doctoral program has its own application procedures!

As soon as you have decided on a doctoral program, we recommend that you that you get in touch with the contact persons listed in the above overview or find your contact person in the Dean's Office of the relevant faculty.

External doctoral candidates can be admitted into a DFG doctoral program as an affiliated member - provided they are working in the relevant research area.

For the specific admission requirements and expectations for the completion of your degree, please see the respective faculty's regulations for a doctoral degree. Please make sure that you get to know the regulations that are applicable to you!

Information regarding the enrollment can be found here.