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Frequently asked questions about master's degree application via uni-assist e.V.

Please note that the information published here refers exclusively to the master’s degree programs for which the application is submitted through uni-assist. Our master's programs providing continuing education, joint degree programs and teacher training master’s programs have different application procedures and deadlines, which you will find under the respective degree courses.

Application for Admission

Which master’s degree programs require an application through uni-assist?

When can I apply?

Which application deadline is applicable to me?

Where do I apply?

How do I apply?

I haven’t completed my studies yet. Can I still apply?

When do I have to submit my current/ last certificate of enrollment or copy of the de-registration certificate?

When is my application considered as submitted in due time?

Did you receive my application?

Where do I find information about the status of my application?

Application Documents

Which documents do I have to submit and how do I have to submit them?

When do I need placement notification?

Do I need certified copies?

My documents and certificates are issued in a language other than German. Do they have to be translated?

I have already sent my online application. Can I upload documents for my application at a later date?

How can I still submit documents at a later date after uni-assist has already processed my application or forwarded it to the University of Potsdam?

Can I still submit missing documents after the application deadline?

Admission Requirements

Which bachelor or diploma studies are the prerequisite for a master’s degree program?

What does without admission restriction (no NC) and admission-restricted (NC UP) mean?

Which numerus clausus (NC) do I require for my degree program?

Which certificates are accepted to prove foreign language skills?


When and how do I know if I am admitted?

How are places awarded?

What is the waiting period?

What is the succession procedure?


What does uni-assist do?

How many applications can I submit via uni-assist?

I can’t find the master’s degree program I want to apply for on the uni-assist website. What could be the reason?

uni-assist does not forward my application. What can I do?

I get the message from uni-assist that my documents are incomplete. What can I do?

The documents specified on the uni-assist website include certificates and supplements that are not listed on the website of the University of Potsdam. Which information is applicable?

The uni-assist website says that certified copies have to be submitted. On the website of the University of Potsdam it says that simple copies are accepted. Which information is applicable?

Where do I get information about the status of my application?

Transfer to the University of Potsdam and Change of Degree Program

How do I apply for an advanced semester of study?

I have been already enrolled in the same or related master’s degree program at another university and want to apply for the first semester of a master’s degree program at the University of Potsdam. What do I have to consider?

What are the application deadlines for an advanced semester of study?

When and how do I know if I am admitted?


Does uni-assist charge applicants any fees for the processing of the master’s application?

Is there a tuition fee?