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Mentoring Plus Program

The PoGS Mentoring Plus program is taking a break and will not be offered in 2024 for the time being. If you are interested in participating in the program, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will inform you as soon as we start a new round.

Interdisciplinary support for female scientists* in career orientation and planning

Mentoring Plus offers three target group-specific training programs to support female scientists:

Mentoring Plus (MP PhD) for female PhD candidates,
Mentoring Plus (MP Postdocs) for female PhDs and newly appointed scientists, and
International Mentoring Plus (IMP) English-language program for foreign or internationally oriented female scientists.

* Mentoring Plus is aimed at all female doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who identify themselves permanently as women.

Mentoring Plus Diverse Frauengruppe
Photo: istock/Ada daSilva

Support in addition to the program

  • Continuing advice and support
  • Free child care
  • Barrier-free access

Program Details

Mentoring Plus is aimed at women who are looking for a career in science, who are planning a career in a science-related field, or who would like to switch to other areas such as business, politics or administration. The program supports young women scientists who would like to work actively and intensively in planning their future career and life goals. Mentees benefit from the three components of the one-year program:

  • Mentoring - professional biographical exchange with a specialist and/or manager
    (individually designed in terms of content and time)
  • Training - further development of practical and leadership-oriented qualifications
  • Networking - with mentees and mentors within the program, in the Talent Network with other highly qualified junior staff, and across sectors with experts

Support in addition to the program

  • Continuing advice and support
  • Free child care
  • Barrier-free access

Program Goals

Women are still clearly under-represented in higher specialist and management positions. In this context, Mentoring Plus aims to:

  • increase career and promotion opportunities for highly qualified women
  • promote the visibility of young women scientists’ skills and potentials
  • provide opportunities for intergenerational exchange on career-related issues and
  • strengthen female leadership roles

Funding and partners

The Potsdam Graduate School implements the Mentoring Plus program for PhD candidates and postdocs in cooperation with the Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities which supports the programm via the Professorinnenprogramm III. The program works closely with the Career Service, which supervises the Mentoring Plus program for female students and the network Forum Mentoring.

Portrait of Marie Schneider

Contact person: Marie Schneider

Potsdam Graduate School


WIS | Wissenschaftsetage, 4th floor
Am Kanal 47
14467 Potsdam

Die Kooperationspartner des Mentoring-Plus-Programms der Potsdam Graduate School sind der Career Service der Universität Potsdam und anderen