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Science Communication

Transfer of expert knowledge to society

Traget group: PhD candidates and Postdoctoral researchers
Language: German
Duration of the program: 9 month

The application deadline for the 2024/25 round has ended.

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Program Overview

Nowadays science communication is part of the regular tasks of scientists. It is increasingly finding its way into society. The transfer of expert knowledge as task of science communication is more important than ever. The enormous influence of the internet, digitalisation and social media should not be underestimated. Digital and social media have an important function as additional communication channels between science and society. This aspect is changing the way scientists work and requires extended skills.

Program goals

The workshops in the Science Communication program aim to provide participants with a basic and diversified knowledge that is adapted to the specifics of science.

Themes of the program:

  • Introduction to science communication
  • Visualization of scientific data
  • Media training
  • Legal issues in science communication
  • Online journalism and multimedia storytelling
  • Scientific policy advice

The workshops are complemented by an e-learning module of the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik). At the end of the program, the participants independently create a communication measure of their own choice.

Conditions of participation & Additional information

The program is aimed at phd candidates and postdocs of all scientific disciplines. Please note your status as one of the following:

  • University of Potsdam
  • Partner institutions
  • External

The participation fee depends on your status. For further information please refer to the current announcement.


Free childcare available during participation in program workshops.

Porträt Theresa Tholen

Contact person: Theresa Tholen


WIS | Wissenschaftsetage, 4th floor
Am Kanal 47
14467 Potsdam

Porträt von Nadja Schubert

Contact person: Nadja Schubert

Potsdam Graduate School


WIS | Wissenschaftsetage, 4th floor
Am Kanal 47
14467 Potsdam

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