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Spot on PoGS Community

On June 20, 2023 our annual event Spot on PoGS Community - [...] Space for your future took place. It was great to have you there!

Titel Spot on PoGS Community - [...] Süace for your future
Picture: PoGS

Spot on PoGS Community 2023 - [...] Space for your future

We are looking back on a great event together with at our Spot on PoGS Community "[...] Space for your future". Together with you, we have explored the questions of the future: What will work in research be like in the future? What is actually behind the word "Future Skills"? What does it mean for me personally, for the university, for research? What new opportunities and challenges does it offer me? How do you prepare for a future that we don't know what it might look like? With the diverse program points, we give you [space] to explore the complexity of the future, transformation, and innovation.

The keynote at the beginning of the day gave first impulses and a common introduction to the topic. After that we discussed different topics in more detailed workshops and strengthen your [future competencies]. In think tanks, we have once again refined the questions and worked together to find creative solutions. As always, the focus was also on networking and exchange with the PoGS community.



Spot on PoGS Community 2023 - [...] Space for your future

WHEN?   June 20, 2023, all day

WHERE?  at the Science Floor, Bildungsforum Potsdam

WHO?   Postdocs,PhD Candidates, researchers interested in pursuing a PhD and friends of PoGS of all disciplines at the University of Potsdam and the non-university research institutions

LANGUAGES?   German with English-language components

PROGRAM? pdf for download



For detailed information on the individual program items, simply click on the corresponding links in the program.

09:00-09:30 AMCheck in
09:30-10:15 AM

[Welcome] and [Keynote]

Future skills - what researchers should be able to do tomorrow (GER)
Prof. Simone Fühles-Ubach
She works at the Institute for Information Science at the TH Köln and leads from 2020-23 the
"Data Literacy Initiative (DaLI) TH Köln" project of the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft.

10:15-10:45 AM[Let´s start]
10:45-12:45 AM

Training – 4 parallel [Workshops]

  • New normal - next normal: how to show future skills in your profile (ENG)
  • Work Organization 2.0 - Agility and New Work (ENG)
  • No AI without data literacy (GER)
  • Create something meaningful! (GER)
12:45-01:45 PMCulinary [lunch break] & [Group photo]
01:45-03:45 PM[Think Tank] | Part I (GER/ENG)
03:45-04:15 PMInteractive [break]
04:15-04:45 PM[Think Tank] | Part II (GER/ENG)
04:45-05:30 PM[S, P or C]  (GER/ENG)
from 05:30 PMClosing and [culinary finale]


Impressions Spot on PoGS Community 2023

Porträt Dr. Kerstin Hille

Contact person: Dr. Kerstin Hille

Potsdam Graduate School


WIS | Wissenschaftsetage, 4th floor
Am Kanal 47
14467 Potsdam