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Information on statistics offers

In the field of Statistics, the Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS) has a cooperation with the Statistical consulting team (fu:stat) at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Please note that only members of the PoGS can take advantage of the respective offer of various statistical workshops and statistical consulting.

Registration Information for Statistics Workshops and Advising Sessions


Statistics Workshops

  • Register using the online registration form. The PoGS will forward your registration to the fu:stat, from which you will receive all further information.
  • Workshop fees are paid by the University of Potsdam. After receiving confirmation of your registration, you will only need to contribute 20 € (PhD cadidates)/ 30 € (postdocs, junior professors, new appointees) per day of the workshop by bank transfer directly to the fu:stat. The following participation fees apply for workshops in 2024: 25 euros for PhD candidates and 37.50 euros for postdocs, junior professors and new appointees per training day.

Statistics Advising Sessions

  • Statistics advising sessions may only be used within the framework of your own research project.
  • To take advantage of the advising opportunity in Statistics, please request an official document confirming your PoGS membership: pogsuni-potsdamde
  • With this document in hand, you may then register directly with the fu:stat using their online form. All further information will come directly from them.  
  • Advising fees are paid by the University of Potsdam. After completing the session(s), you will only need to pay 20 € (PhD candidates) / 30 € (postdocs, junior professors, new appointees) per hour of advising to the PoGS. You will receive the bill after completing the session(s).
  • The PoGS will pay for a maximum of 2 hours. Should you be in need of more time with a Statistics advisor, please contact us to explain your situation: