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Artificial Intelligence for Academia

Traget group: PhD candidates and postdocs, qualifying professors
Language: German
Duration of the program: 6 month

The 2024 application round is closed.

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Program Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to make scientific research, university teaching and university management faster, easier and more flexibly. New possibilities loom, such as the analysis of big data, the use of chatbots for individualized teaching and learning or the optimization of entire study programs. These are application examples for three forms of AI: Generative AI, machine learning and symbolic-logical AI.

The AI program aims to strengthen the development of AI skills. The program format is aimed to develop a technically sound and critical understanding of fundamental AI principles in order to recognize potentials and limitations, to understand the moral and social implications and to use AI efficiently and independently. The program will address and teach computer science fundamentals, statistics, logic and algorithms. As a result, you will have a comprehensive basic understanding of artificial intelligence in order to understand the basics of AI output, make informed decisions about its use and your own further qualification and act as a multiplier in your own working group and in your course teaching.


Program goals

  • Introduction and in-depth study of machine learning, generative AI and logic-based systems
  • Subject-oriented self-study units for the comprehension of basic concepts
  • Practice-oriented SemaLogic self-learning platform for modeling study regulations
  • Six workshops to deepen knowledge using practical examples
  • Lecture program on concrete problems and application scenarios in science

In 2024 the AI program focusses on introduction and orientation. Coding experience or in-depth knowledge of statistics are not a prerequisite, but still helpful.

Conditions of participation & additional information

The program aims at scientists of all disciplines in the qualification phase (PhD candidates, postdocs, qualification professors = junior professors and tenure track professors) who are seeking an overview of artificial intelligence in research, teaching and (academic) management.

  • Participants of the University of Potsdam must be members of the Potsdam Graduate School. Free membership can be applied for at any time here.
  • Participants must have a solid basic knowledge of statistics.
  • Program costs will be published here at a later date.

Program costs are differentiated according to membership in one of the following groups:

Who?PhD candidatesPostdocs
University of Potsdam (UP)           150 EUR     214 EUR
Postdoc Network Brandenburg              /     214 EUR
from partner institutions of the PoGS           2280 EUR     2280 EUR
external participants
(neither UP nor partner)
           2735 EUR     2735 EUR

During the in-person workshops, free childcare can be organized in Potsdam. Please contact us in case of need.

Interested in the Data Science and AI program?

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