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P(eer)hD Support

Interdisciplinary support and a strong network on your way to a doctorate.

Target group: PhD candidates (early to mid doctoral phase)
Language: German (Promotionscoaching) & English (P(eer)hD support)
Duration of the program: 6 months

The program is offered in rotation with the german-language "Promotionscoaching" program. Next call for the english program is expected in 2025.

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Program overview

At the beginning of your doctorate, you will not only be facing major questions regarding the content of your research in your own research project, but also regarding the right approach to the doctoral process itself, as well as appropriate work and time management. International doctoral candidates in particular also have to gain a foothold in the German science system. It is sometimes very difficult for them to meet like-minded people, find support and network well. If you are an individual PhD candidate in the early to mid-stage of your doctorate (mainly first or second year of your doctorate), PoGS offers you comprehensive support for this important phase of your doctorate with its six-month P(eer)hD support program.

The main focus of the program lies in the continuous, confidential exchange with other PhD candidates within interdisciplinary working groups, so-called success teams. A retreat at the beginning of the program lays the foundation for the upcoming teamwork. In addition to regular meetings in the success teams and a joint mid-term reflection, you will develop further competencies for your doctorate in four interdisciplinary workshops.


Program goals

  • Interdisciplinary networking and intercultural exchange with other individual doctoral researchers
  • Learning and applying peer coaching skills in success teams
  • Support for doctoral process through time management and self-management strategies
  • Strengthening counselling and conflict management skills for everyday academic life
  • Early career planning for the period during and after the doctorate

Interested in the P(eer)hD Support program?

We will be pleased to inform you as soon as a new call for applications begins and keep you up to date on program news.

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