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Leadership Skills for Transformation

Leadership in times of rapid change

Traget group: PhD candidates, postdocs and qualifying professors* of all disciplines and to (future) leaders in the technical and administrative field
Language: German
Duration of the program: 3 month

The program start is in September 2024.

Ein Schmettlerling entpuppt sich in grafischer, bunter Form zum aufsteigenden großen Schmetterling.
Picture: PoGS|Adobe Stock

Program overview

Leadership Skills for Transformation is an iterative, agile program based on Scrum and Kanban that aims to directly experience and learn the most important leadership competencies for digital transformation through new personal experiences.

The world of work and life is in a process of change.Many of the previous recipes for success in management no longer have a lasting effect. New framework conditions, multiple crises and the technologies of Deep Tec create uncertain and highly volatile environmental factors. Leadership for transformation therefore requires more than knowledge.

Leadership in digital transformation means being able to provide orientation and confidence, even if the path to the goal is unclear. This requires process competence in the management of teams, individuals and changing tasks. Leaders in the digital transformation are also leaders of change, courageous pioneers into a future that is not yet fully defined. This creates room for collaborative creation, which must be used in the best possible way with a limited amount of time, energy and material resources.


Program goals

  •     Develop leadership competencies for digital transformation
  •     Be able to maintain organizational resilience in change processes
  •     Be able to apply successful management tools for agile working
  •     Experience the promotion of employee self-organization by the management level
  •     Be able to provide orientation and certainty in times of constant change
  •     Be able to initiate the establishment of a learning organization

The program is designed as an agile process in order to be able to directly experience and integrate the leadership forms of agile leadership. A knowledge pulse on the fundamental conditions for success in transformation projects on the first date is followed by 10 iterative learning loops in agile teams. Each learning loop contains essential building blocks of the Scrum and Kanban process for the Learning Organization.


Porträt der Trainerin Anna Hoffmann
Photo: Anna Hoffmann

About the trainer

Anna Hoffmann comes from innovative IT (software architecture, coding, UX design and CEO in the Netherlands) and has been working in agile processes for over 25 years. Today, she is active in knowledge transfer on human-centered AI for the Carl Friedrich von Weizäcker Center in Tübingen, Germany, and as an INQA coach for digital transformation in SMEs in programs of the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, among others.

As a result, she has developed a fundamental understanding of the qualities needed in leadership culture, agile process design, and digital transformation for change to succeed sustainably.

Porträt der Trainerin Anna Hoffmann
Photo: Anna Hoffmann

Conditions of participation & further information

The program is open to PhD candidates, postdocs and qualifying professors* of all disciplines and to (future) leaders in the technical and administrative field.

Participants of the University of Potsdam must be members of the Potsdam Graduate School. The free membership can be applied for at any time: Click here for the membership application.

Program costs are differentiated according to membership in one of the following groups:

Who?PhD                candidatesPostdocsLeaders (technical/    administrative field)
from University of Potsdam           125 €  187.50 €                         125 €
from partner institutions of the PoGS            700 €    700 €                           /
external participants            850 €    850 €                          /

During the in-person sessions, childcare can be arranged free of charge in Potsdam. Please contact us in case of need.

Further information on how to register for the program will be published here later or announced at the information kick-off. Attending the information event gives important first impulses and is therefore highly recommended for later program participation.

The dates are all scheduled in an in-person format from 9:30 - 12:00am.

The learning content in the team sprints relates to the current Deep Tec and requires no prior knowledge. All team tasks take place during the face-to-face dates, so a minimum attendance of 90% is required. Before registering, please consider whether you can commit to regular attendance for the entire duration of the program.


Porträt Dr. Maja Starke-Liebe

Contact: Dr. Maja Starke-Liebe


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