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19.12.2023: Excursion to Dresden - visit to the Bundeswehr Museum of Cultural History

Students and lecturers of the chair in front of the MHM
Photo: Prof. Dr. Sönke Neitzel
Students and lecturers of the chair in front of the MHM

On 19 December 2023, the Chair took students on the Master's degree programmes "War and Conflict Studies" and "International War Studies" on an excursion to Dresden, where they visited the Military History Museum of the German Armed Forces.
The museum is one of the most important museums in Europe that deals with the causes and consequences of war and violence. At the same time, it offers many opportunities for dialogue and debate about the role of the military and war in the past, present and future.
The students were given an overview tour of parts of the permanent exhibition, giving them an insight into the history of the First and Second World Wars and the use of animals in the military. Prof Dr Sönke Neitzel also guided part of the group through the special exhibition "War and Peace 2005-2021. The Bundeswehr in the Merkel Era", which he co-curated. MHM employee Dr Jens Wehner also gave an overview tour of the current special exhibition "Overkill - Military, Technology, Culture in the Cold War".

Afterwards, the group had the opportunity to take a stroll through the city to gain an impression of Dresden's diverse architecture and history. A particular highlight was a visit to the Dresden Striezelmarkt, which is being held for the 598th time this year on the Altmarkt square.