Vanderbijlpark, May 5th, 2015, day 11

Picture: Joana Schmidt
Picture: Joana Schmidt

After a long, incredibly exciting weekend, we drive back to the university this morning. In order not to throw us in the cold of everyday university life, Susan van Rooy Coezhee-organized a small safari on the university campus. We get ahead an hour early to watch the Springboks in the morning mist. It is very impressive to see that these animals can move freely on campus and neither animal nor humans are in danger.

We moved our meeting with the students to the cafeteria area "Books & Beans", because surprisingly, many students have volunteered to help us with our projects. In addition to the project work, we change again from many personal experiences. We talk about the importance of English in schools. Should it be the only language of instruction, or should there be other options in languages (e.g., the native language)? The extent to perform the various languages to exclusion within the students? How are the solidified apartheid thoughts in the minds of the new generation? What is the impact or homo-in terms of the ethnic background of each heterogeneous groupings of friends and in the lecture hall?

On all these issues, there are heartbreaking and insightful answers that are difficult to see with our understanding of equality and togetherness. Of course there is even a short language course in Zutu. We now learn almost every day one or two new words in different African languages. To remember them is a real challenge every time. Today we learn two words that you need in everyday life, the saying of goodbye. The one who says goodbye, says Sala hantle ('Bye') and the addressee of the farewell salutation responds with tsamaia hantle ('go thy way'). After we said goodbye to the students in Zutu, we take part in a seminar entitled "Speech Acts" by students participating in the third year of their studies.

On the way back to the hotel we reflect from todays experience and wonder. Full of anticipation, we discuss the schedule and dress code for tomorrow's closing ceremony of the students of the NWU at the Quest Conference Center.


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