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Geske, Anna

Period:  02/2021 - 08/2023

Lehrkräfte Plus: The research project investigates which competencies the participants of the Lehrkräfte Plus program develop and how significant the individual program components are for the development of competencies.

My Virtual Reality Teaching Partner (VRTeachingPartner): The goal of this teaching project is to train student teachers to become "VR Teaching Partners" (VRTPs). VRTPs acquire competencies in criterion-guided observation and reflection of lessons, designing feedback conversations conducive to learning, and independently conducting VR practice opportunities. They then provide VR practice opportunities to other student teachers through informal peer learning and reflect with them on the quality of instruction. The teaching project won first place in the 2023 Student Innovation Award of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Potsdam.


Dr. Kuschel, Jenny

Period:  07/2018 - 06/2021

Cooperation an Schulen - Innovation im Team (CoMMIT): The aim of the project was to systematically collect and map the contextual factors and conditions for the success of development processes in the area of school, teaching and personnel development.

Christin Lucksnat

Dr. Lucksnat, Christin

Period:  08/2019 - 01/2023

Schule mach stark (SchuMaS): Best educational opportunities for socially disadvantaged students: This is the goal of the federal-state initiative Schule macht stark. Together with the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN), the University of Potsdam is responsible for the content cluster professionalization.

Evaluation of the study program "Primary School Teaching" at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Q-Master): The project examines the development of competencies of students who are studying "Primary School Teaching" at the Humboldt University of Berlin as career changers.

Christin Lucksnat

Portraitfoto von Alexandra Marx
Photo: privat

Marx, Alexandra

Period:  07/2016 - 10/2017

Involvement in various projects on the subject of cross-entry and professional development of teachers.

Portraitfoto von Alexandra Marx
Photo: privat

Dr. Meyer, André

Period:  08/2017 - 04/2022

E-Learning in teacher education: course offerings, usage and effects (E-LANE): This project examines the offer and use of digital media in the context of professional development courses among teachers in Berlin, Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein.


Schule leiten: The evaluation of the workshop "Leading Schools" aimed to examine whether the program, strengthened the leadership competencies of school leaders, implemented structures and processes to promote school development and increased the quality of the school.

Müller, Emily

Period:  01/2021 - 10/2021

Research Training Group / Delphi Study on the Quality Dimensions of Teacher Training Courses: The project aims to uncover the quality dimensions of teacher training by conducting a survey by experts.