Evaluation of the "Schule Leiten" workshop series

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Dirk Richter

Cooperation partners: Die Deutsche Schulakademie

Duration: 01.08.2017 - 30.10.2020

Funding: Die Deutsche Schulakademie

Project description

The “Schule Leiten” workshop series is an advanced training series for principals of general education schools in the Saarland. It will be held in cooperation with the Saarland Institute for Education and Media and the German School Academy. Experienced coaches and the principals of schools that have won the German School Award will contribute to the series’ conceptual design and implementation. The goal of the workshop series is to support principals in initiating, developing and strengthening school development processes. This will be achieved by promoting and developing the participants’ capacity to act (“good administration”). The result will be an improvement in school quality based on the criteria of the German School Award (“good school”).

The evaluation of the “Schule Leiten” workshop will focus on whether the program has contributed to (a) strengthening the principals’ leadership skills, (b) implementing structures and processes that promote the development of the participating schools and (c) improving the school’s quality through the implemented measures. For this purpose, it will specifically assess the individual measures introduced in the workshop series as well as the overall program. The evaluation of the overall program is intended to provide insight into the program’s proven effects not only on principals and teachers, but also on schools as learning organizations. It will also shed light on the components that are particularly important for the program’s success.


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