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Rassismuskritische Englischlehrer*innenbildung durch autoethnographische Reflexion und virtuellen Austausch

Even though English language teachers are supposed to deal with issues of racism, imperialism, and (neo-)colonialism in topics such as Apartheid in South Africa, the American dream, aftermath of 9/11, colonial and postcolonial India, Nigeria etc., they are neither prepared to teach these sensible topics from an antiracist and anticolonial perspective, nor to reflect critically upon historically and culturally (re-)produced stereotypes, discourses, and epistemologies which are often than not manifested in English textbooks and teaching materials (Bönkost, 2020). Therefore, the present teaching project aims at tackling these issues by implementing critical autoethnographic reflexivity and virtual exchange with students from UNC Charlotte, USA in a Master’s seminar in the discipline of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Ultimately, the project aims at fostering the prospective English teachers’ critical (self-)reflection and intercultural communicative competence, in an effort to prepare them to deal professionally with issues of racism and discrimination in today’s linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms.



  • Irene Heidt, Ph.D., Philosophische Fakultät, Institut für Anglistik / Amerikanistik, Chair: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Postdoc