How Do I Find the Right Degree Program for Me?

Studierende am Campus Golm
Photo: Matthias Friel

Step 1 - Where am I and what visions do I have?

Step 2 - What degree programs are even available?

Step 3 - Which degree programs would I even consider?

Step 4 - Which programs would I really consider now, on the basis of more detailed knowledge?

Step 5 - What further sources of information does the university in question provide?

Step 6 - What do I need to keep in mind when it comes to application and enrollment?


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Online-Self-Assessments of the University of Potsdam (only in German)

We offer OSA for the following programs of study:
Ernährungswissenschaft | Germanistik | Lehramt | Rechtswissenschaft



University of Potsdam | Devision of Student Affairs

Central Student Advisory Service


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