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Professorship of Teaching in Schools/Empirical Research into Teaching

The Professorship of Teaching in Schools/Empirical Research into Teaching is concerned with school and instruction-related teaching and learning processes.

A focal point of our empirical research is high-quality instruction. We are interested in the question of what impact teacher motivation and instructional quality have on students’ motivationin class.

In this context, we also consider the question of how teachers can optimally address individual learning requirements in class and what role digital media play in good teaching.

As part of the interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence "Science of Intelligence," we additionally study the role of artificial intelligence in learning processes. Here, we are especially interested in processes of adaptive social interaction.

For teachers, we have created a digital school network – we welcome you to visit this password-protected site, where you will find subject-specific teaching materials, video tutorials and podcasts. Moreover, we are highly interested in transferring our research results to the practical school context; you can download a handout for teachers on motivational teaching here.

An important issue for us is always the practical relevance of our research work for the school context. In the school network "Motivational Teaching," therefore, we work closely together with teachers at schools in Brandenburg and Berlin.
Find us on Twitter: @ReLazarides; @schulpaedUP

Publications and press on our research

The majority of publications and press releases on our research are in German. Therefore, we refer here to our German-language website.