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MOVE – Motivating adolescents in schools

The longitudinally designed pilot study examines the impact of teaching-related (didactic and pedagogical) and family factors on subject-specific teaching and learning processes as well as the choice of future career and/or university subject during lower secondary school. Assuming a persistent lack of teachers in the MINT subjects (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, technology), we focus particularly on mathematics instruction. Teachers, students and parents were surveyed at two measurement time points via questionnaire regarding their school and math-related interest, motivational attitudes, beliefs, activities, and university and subject choice aspirations. The study serves as a preparation for the MOVE grant proposal. Further information is given in Figure 1. 

More Informations you find here (Researchgate).

Photo: Charlott Rubach
Abbildung 1. Informationen zum Design der Berliner MOVE-Studie

Questions of the MOVE study 

Based on theoretical models of instructional processes (supply-use model of teaching research), the aim of the study is to examine the teaching-related (didactic and pedagogical) and family factors that motivate students to learn mathematics in class and impact their career and educational aspirations. Besides examining subject-specific aspects, another focus is on motivation in the general school context, taking into account the influence of cooperation between the parental home and school.



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Press articles

“Voll motiviert” (article in Wissen Portal 2/2018)


Please address any questions about the content of the study or administrative details to the project directorProf. Dr. Rebecca Lazarides, tel. 0331-977-2132 or email rebecca.lazaridesuni-potsdamde