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Information for exchange and program students

As soon as you have arrived in Potsdam or Berlin, please report your arrival and your address via the Moveon Portal*. We need your German address so that we can send you your information folder and e.g. the Erasmus+ Certificate of Arrival by postal mail. If you cannot travel to Germany and will study at the University of Potsdam from your home country, we will send the information folder to the address in your home country.

*You need the login-data for the Moveon portal you have already used (please do not register again but only log in).

Information on getting vaccined can be found here.

Please note: International Students who have been vaccinated with a vaccine that is not recognized in the EU yet, are allowed the be tested free of charge until December 31, 2021 free. Please take a copy of your proof of vaccination with you!
(§ 4a Testungen bei impfunfähigen und abgesonderten Personen)


Arriving and Living in Potsdam

University and Studies

Learning German

Arriving and Living in Potsdam

What do I have to consider before travelling to Germany?

From August 1, 2021 onwards, a general obligation to furnish proof applies. This means that all travellers (from 12 years of age) must, as a rule, possess a negative test result or proof of vaccination or recovery when entering the country. The general obligation to furnish proof applies irrespective of the mode of transport (via rail, bus, ship or plane) or whether the person previously spent time in a high-risk area or area of variants of concern.

In addition, when entering Germany from a high-risk area or area of variants of concern outside of Germany, a special obligation to register, quarantine and furnish proof has to be observed.

You must register through the entry portal before entering the country. Be sure to save or print the registration confirmation. The transport companies and/or German authorities may ask you for it.

Please inform yourself regularly and especially immediately before your departure to Germany about which category your area of origin falls into: information on the classification of SARS-CoV-2 areas

You can always find the current regulations on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.


We strongly recommend that you carry a sufficient amount of cash for the first few days on site to cover all costs for food, toiletries, household items or other expenses.

It is likely that you will not be able to wash your clothes during the quarantine period. Therefore, you should ensure that you pack a sufficient amount of clean clothes for period of 8 - 14 days.

In addition, as a precautionary measure, we advise you to carry a well-equipped travel medical kit with necessary medication, personal hygiene products (shower gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) and a sufficient number of towels.

“What do I need?”

  • Medical masks
  • Toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush etc.)
  • Clothes and towels
  • Travel medical kit
  • LAN cable and adapter, PC
  • A sufficient amount of cash

Your way to the university

Please check out the following webpage on how to get to the University of Potsdam.

How do I find support during quarantine?

If you come to Germany from a SARS-CoV-2 risk area, a mandatory quarantine applies to you directly after entry (Exception for high-risk areas: You are fully vaccinated or considered recovered).. This means that you must go directly to your accommodation immediately after entry. You may use public transport for this purpose.

During the quarantine you are not allowed to leave your home, not even for a short time and not even for shopping. You are not allowed to receive visitors during this time.

Please get in touch with one of the following institutions if you need any support with organizing the quarantine:

•    Us, the International Office
•    The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Potsdam: ESN WhatsAPP group:
•    Your buddy, if you participate in the Buddy Program of the University of Potsdam

The delivery of the purchases will be carried out in compliance with the current hygiene regulations, in particular by keeping a safe distance. The student tutors will clarify the exact details and the shopping lists with you personally.

Information on the refund for quarantine-related expenditures of international students and international PhD-students can be found under this link.

What should I do in case of a medical emergency?

Bei akuten medizinischen Notfällen kann durch den herbeigerufen Rettungswagen auch eine Einweisung ins örtliche Krankenhaus, erfolgen. Den Rettungsdienst erreichen Sie unter der Notrufnummer 112. Bei nicht akut lebensbedrohlichen Beschwerden können Sie außerhalb der Sprechzeiten der niedergelassenen Ärzte/Ärztinnen unter der Nummer 116 117 den kassenärztlichen Notdienst ( kontaktieren.

Bei Zahnschmerzen können Sie den zahnärztlichen Notdienst Potsdam ( bzw. den zahnärztlicher Notdienst Berlin ( anrufen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass es keine zahnärztliche Versorgung im Klinikum gibt.

Den augenärztlichen Bereitschaftsdienst erreichen Sie in Potsdam unter 0180 558 222 344 5 und in Berlin unter 030 450 552 000.


If you are worried that you might be infected, please get in touch with the International Office and check the following websites:

The recommendations of the city of Berlin

I will stay in a student residence in Potsdam. How do I get my key?

Students having paid the deposit will receive their tenancy agreement and keys for the dormitory room from the house keeper, provided they are not subject to quarantine.

If you have to go into quarantine, please note the abovementioned information first ("Was muss ich für die Einreise nach Deutschland berücksichtigen?") and the following procedure:

  • Please check Anlag 08 - Informationen zur Ein- Rückreise
  • Please send a proof of recovery (Genesenen-Nachweis), a proof of vaccination or a negative test 5 days before your arrival to your responsible clerk via Email
  • After the quarantine is lifted, you can move into the dormatories. As a proof, please send the confirmation of the Public Health Office to the Studentenwerk

Additionally, you will need the following documents to move into the dormitory:

  • negative test ( (in Berlin / in Potsdam))
  • Letter from the public health department releasing you from the quarantine obligation

Moving into the dormatories is only possible after spending the quarantine elsewhere. Please note the information of the Studentenwerk.

You can choose to stay in a hostel or a hotel (please bring a negaive PCR test!) for the time of the quarantine. The International Office will happily assist you.

Information for tenants of the residence halls of the Studentenwerk Postdam

I live in the student residence in Potsdam. How can I activate Internet access?

In this document you will find a detailed description of how to conclude the contract for the Internet. You can do this shortly before your arrival, so that the Internet is immediately available to you when you move in.

Do I have to register with the authorities?

Detailed information on how to register at the Residents' Registration Office and the Foreigners Registration Office can be found in our Guide for Program Students.

Students from pandemic risk areas must also register with the public health department.

University and Studies

How do I activate my UP account and what do I need it for?

The central university account (UP account) is your personal identification for access to a number of IT services, such like:

  • Webmailbox und Mail.UP
  • PULS
  • WLAN (eduroam)
  • Moodle
  • Box.UP
  • E-Learning Plattform Moodle.UP
  • Media.UP
  • VPN
  • ZOOM
  • and many more

Before using it for the first time, you must activate your account on the Account.UP website. However, this is only possible after your semester fee has been received!

Follow the steps for account activation. Please make sure to enter the same data as in your identity card/passport.

How do I get my PUCK and what do I need it for?

The PUCK (Potsdam University chip card) will be sent to you by postal mail together with other important documents, if no personal delivery is possible. It serves as:

  • Student identification card
  • Library card
  • Semester ticket - ticket for all types of public transport (VBB) in the states of Brandenburg and Berlin
  • Electronic wallet – copy card and printing in the computer rooms run by ZIM; cashless payment in the dining halls and cafeterias

What to do if your PUCK is stolen or lost, how to use it as a money card and other topics can be found in the Guide for International Exchange Students.

Which further documents do I need and how do I get my info folder?

Your info folder with further important documents will be sent to you by postal mail, if no personal delivery is possible. Among other documents you will find your iTAN list, which you will need for booking courses in PULS. Due to the pandemic, some of the documents presented in the video will only be made available to you online.

You will also find relevant information on starting your studies summarized in our Guide for International Exchange Students.

How do I find courses?

How do I register for courses?

Whom can I contact if I have questions regarding the content of courses or my timetable?

The departmental exchange coordinators as well as the faculty tutors are at your disposal. Make sure to attend the meeting with your departmental exchange coordinator before the start of the lecture period.

How does online study work?

Lots of courses and advisory sessions take place digitally via the ZOOM software.  Details on how to use ZOOM can be found on the Homepage of the University of Potsdam.

Where can I find out about news at the University of Potsdam due to the Corona Pandemic?

Please check regularly for Information on the consequences of the corona crisis on studies and teaching. Specific information can be found under "Consequences for international program and exchange students".

Only relates to exchange students

Can I still cancel or postpone my studies at the University of Potsdam?

You can withdraw from enrollment until March 31, 2021. In this case you must submit an application form, sign it and send it together with your PUCK by postal mail to the International Office on time.

If you wish to postpone your stay to the winter semester 2021/22 or the summer semester 2022, please contact us.

Only relates to exchange students

Learning German

German courses at the Zessko

Only for the beginner course you do not need a placement test. Otherwise you have to take a placement test online and can then register for a course within the enrollment period. Detailed information can be found in this info sheet.

The German courses at the Zessko are not for students of German Philology.

Courses for students of German Philology

There are special courses for exchange students of German Philology. Detailed information about the courses and registration can be found in this info sheet.

Language tandem at the Zessko

You can find detailed information about the language tandem on the Zessko website.