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Studying at the University of Potsdam

Learning Agreement - Search of courses

Most of the courses at the University of Potsdam are taken up by the PULS online system. Similar to online banking, courses are booked through a TAN process. During the welcome events directly after your arrival you will get a tutorial on how to use PULS. However, you will also receive assistance directly in PULS for Searching for courses, registering for courses and the course catalog.

For questions about the courses and modules, you can always contact your exchange coordinator in your department.

If you make changes to your Learning Agreement, you should record this in the Learning Agreement During Mobility and obtain the confirmation from your home university.

Extending your Stay

An extension of your stay for one semester is possible

1. Only based on available capacities

2. If you have not yet studied 4 semesters at the University of Potsdam

3. You submit the Application for Extension of Stay at the University of Potsdam and the required accompanying materials via the MoveOn Portal

For the extension of your visa or residence permit a statement on the financing of your stay will be required for non-EU citizens.

 Deadlines for extention:

  • for the following winter semester: June 15.
  • for the following summer semester: December 15.

Applications received late may be subject to an additional 10 Euro due to late payment of the semester fee.

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You will receive the payment request for re-registration in January for the following summer semester and in June for the following winter semester.

You must pay the listed fee within the re-registration period. The fee must arrive in the account of the University of Potsdam by February 15 or July 15. Missing these deadlines will result in an administrative fee that is added to the semester fee.

  • Re-registration period for the following winter semester: June 15 through July 15
  • Re-registration period for the following summer semester: January 15 through February 15

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Assembling your academic achievements – Transcript of Records

  • Please send us your data for the Transcript of Records via the MOVEON PORTAL at the end of the instructional period.

Note: You need to login with the same mail address which you had used for your login to the MOVEON PORTAL for the registration at the University of Potsdam.

  • You should ask the instructor of every course you take for a  Schein“ at the end of the semester. A “Leistungsnachweis” is a graded course completion certificate; a “Teilnahmeschein” is an ungraded course completion certificate. The original “Schein” must be submitted to the International Office. We accept only "Scheine", that are filled completely: grade/ pass or fail, SWS, ECTS, signature of the lecturer and stamp. Exceptions: for courses of the Germanistischen Teilstudiums for interantional program students and for German courses at the Zessko no "Scheine" have to be submitted, the IO gets the data internally directly from the departments.

  • Once your Transcript of Records is ready, we will send you an email. Then you can pick up the document during office hours at the International Office. Should you no longer be in Potsdam, the Transcript of Records can be sent to you by mail.

  • Erasmus students need to hand in a Transcript of Records to the home institution. Please forward your Transcript to your home institution yourself.

Deregistration at the University

You’ll leave the University of Potsdam soon. Therefore your exmatriculation (deregistration at the University of Potsdam) will automatically become effective at the end of the semester. On the day after your exmatriculation, your student ID card (PUCK) will become invalid, and you are no longer allowed to use the semester ticket. You are still able to submit course work (i.e. papers) after you have been exmatriculated.

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