Faculty of Human Sciences

Primary school pedagogy/German - Ms. Dr. Evelyn Mühlbauer

Primary school pedagogy/General Studies - Ms Louisa Döring

Music - Ms. Uta Meyer

Patholinguistics - Ms. Judith Heide

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Faculty of Law

Ms. Prof. Dr. Dorothea Assmann

Mr. Prof. Dr. Tilman Bezzenberger

Mr. Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann

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Faculty of Arts

English & American Studies - Mr. Dr. Stephan Mussil

History - Mr. Dr. Michael K. Schulz

Jewish Theology - Mr. Dr. Ronen Pinkas

Classical Philology - Mr. Dr. Eugen Braun

Jewish and Religious Studies / LER - Mr. Dr. Dirk Schuster

Romance Studies - Ms. Dr. Antonella Ippolito

Slavic Studies - Mr. Prof. Dr. Peter Kosta

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Faculty of Science

Biochemistry and Biology - Mr. Prof. Dr. Jörg Fettke

Chemistry - Mr. Dr. Dirk Schanzenbach

Nutritional Science - Ms. Dr. Franziska Ebert

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Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Work Study/Technology - Ms. Dr. Renate Schmidt

Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences - Ms. Dr. Renate Schmidt

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Faculty of Digital Engineering

IT-Systems Engineering - Ms. Prof. Dr. Anja Lehmann

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