Studying Abroad

Studying with Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is an academic mobility programme sponsored by the European Union, which among other activities promotes student exchanges. It enables students to complete a part of their studies at a university located in other European countries without paying tuition. The programme allows for the credits earned at the guest university to be recognized by the home university. With respect to our partner universities in Great Britain the Erasmus+ programme applies only to courses in the bachelor programmes. British guest universities have no obligation to allow attendance of graduate courses. Moreover, the available bachelor courses are as a rule limited to certain subject areas. Exceptions lie entirely within the province of the guest university.

The following universities are currently Erasmus partners of the Institute:

 The contact person is Dr. Stephan Mussil (exchange coordinator).



Ms Pia Kettmann from the International Office will give an online talk on the opportunities and options of studying abroad, including the Erasmus+ programme.
date: December 9
time: 16:15-17:45

Meeting-ID: 676 7250 3205
Kenncode: 34983465


Application for Erasmus+ Programme


  • Regular admission as student of the University of Potsdam
  • By the beginning of the year abroad at least one year of study is completed
  • Application deadline for the academic year 2021/2022 is January 31, 2021.


Eight Steps to Study Abroad with Erasmus+

1. Applicants choose the suitable Erasmus partner university according to their interest and study plans. They inform themselves about the profiles and special fields of interest at the partner universities.

2. Application documents 

3. Submission of completed documents (Mailbox Dr. Mussil; please NOT per email) by January 31.

4. A commission consisting of members of the student council and the Erasmus coordinator will decide on the applications. 

5. Applicants submit the declaration of acceptance to the Erasmus coordinator

6. and the learning agreement to the International Office.
The learning agreement includes courses at the guest university. In the event that no course schedule is available online, the schedule from the previous semester or trimester may be used. As a rule, applicants should obtain 30 ECTS credit points per semester. Please note that when you intend to take courses from other departments, your learning agreement needs to be approved by all the boards of examiners involved. It is, for instance, not sufficient to have the approval of the board of the Romance Department for courses to be validated at the Department of English and American Studies and vice versa.
If you plan to take courses in linguistics please consult Dr Ilse Wischer in advance, for courses in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Ms Susanne Gnädig, M.Ed.

7. The coordinator nominates the applicants at their guest universities.

8. The guest universities contact the applicants and send them documents about course listings, room and board, the beginning of study, etc. From this point on the guest university assumes responsibility.


Language Certificates (Sprachnachweise)

For information about language certificates please use the following links to the Centre for Languages and Key Competences (in English or German)

Language Tandem

In a language tandem, two students study together in a partnership: one student’s native language is the other student’s foreign language. Interested? Click on the link.

Language Learning Counseling

at Zessko is a form of learning that is independent from a course. Learners work on individual learning projects in a flexible way and can draw on support from professional learning consultants. Find out more…

Exchange outside Europe

University of Delhi

  • bilateral research and exchange network involving the Departments of English and German at the University of Potsdam
  • fee waiver for students from the University of Potsdam enrolling for an exchange semester at the English Department at the University of Delhi. 

    For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiemann at dwiemannuni-potsdamde