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E-Assessment Projekt

As part of the E-Learning Strategie (PDF) of the University of Potsdam adopted by the Senate in May 2017, the topic of e-assessment was identified as one of the five measures to be implemented as a matter of priority. As part of the eLiS-Projekts, a concept for e-assessments at the University of Potsdam was developed in cooperation with BLuM and ZIM.

E-assessment was included as a measure in the higher education development planning for 2020 to 2025 (higher education contract) agreed with the state government.

The long-term goal is to fully support time-flexible (synchronous and asynchronous) e-assessments and online exams incorporating multimedia content. To achieve the goals, measures are to be implemented at different levels.

The basis of the e-assessment project is a concept which was developed under the leadership of the eLiS project and with the participation of the Department of Teaching and Media and ZIM.

In the e-assessment's requirement assessment, the wishes and needs of teachers and students at the University of Potsdam were collected and evaluated.

As part of the e-assessment project, various workshops will be held on different topics.