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Take-Home Exam

Digital take-home exams are taken on the student's own devices at home. As a rule, all aids are permitted and the examination takes place without technical supervision. The submission of assignments can be done in a very low-threshold manner, similar to the submission of a term paper, via the e-mail account provided by the university; it is also possible to download the assignments from the university's own file-sharing server.

Take-home examinations that are conducted digitally or also continuously online can be designed in very different ways, both technically and didactically: Due to simplified provision and submission, timelines can vary from as little as one hour to as long as a few days, and the form of processing ranges from the download-edit-upload variant via e-mail to the use of learning platforms with free-text and multiple-choice tasks.

For a clear structuring and evaluation of the submissions and the extension of feedback possibilities (e.g. with evaluation grids), the corresponding activities on Moodle are particularly suitable. These can also be used for the organizational aspects of conducting the examination, such as a declaration of independence that must be filled out by examinees as a prerequisite for accessing the actual examination.