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General questions

Is the use of exam.UP (instead of Moodle) mandatory?

May I issue individualized exams to a group on an exam date (individual randomized selection from an exam question pool) to prevent collaboration)?

Is it possible to adjust the duration/time slot for the exam in Moodle during the exam if necessary?

Can I use the Moodle activity "Assignment" for the exam?

Identity verification and declaration of independence

What are the options for performing an identity check at the beginning of the exam?

What is my procedure for large exams involving several hundred students?

Is it allowed to record the editing with camera during the exam?

Are students required to keep the camera on during the entire exam?

In what form must the declaration of consent be made?

How exactly does the declaration of independence work? Is it automatically requested in Exam.UP or do I have to create it?

Consent of the student to the form of the examination

Is there a need for student approval of the form of examination?

Do alternative forms of testing need to be offered?

Is there a Code of Conduct, i.e., a statement that covers student agreement on academically correct behavior and form of examination?


How are plagiarism cases handled?

May I cancel the exam if fraud is suspected?

What consequences do students face if they have not fulfilled the exam requirement independently.

Can the Moodle of the University of Potsdam identify same/similar answers in free text answers?

Dealing with technical problems

What is the procedure for dealing with student connection problems and technical disconnection?

Is there a possibility of plagiarism checks in written / open book exams?

Archivierung von Klausuren und Einsichtnahme

What is the best way to handle requests for exam review?

Can exam results be archived in Moodle?