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Requirement Assessment

In order to gain a deep insight into the needs and wishes of teachers and students, a needs survey on the topic of e-assessment was conducted in spring 2018.

A total of 210 people participated, including

  • 31 professors
  • 71 research colleagues
  • 25 research assistants
  • 55 students
  • and 28 further persons


  • Various forms of e-assessment are still unknown.
  • Across all status groups, there is a great desire to use e-assessment.
  • The majority of respondents are open-minded or neutral about the topic.
  • The advantages of electronic assessments depend on the status group: For students, flexibility of time and place plays the decisive role. For instructors, the expected time savings, faster announcement of results and improved readability of free-text assignments predominate.
  • Measures to create organizational and technical prerequisites are seen as necessary.
  • There is an increased need for information.
  • The existing fears and the expressed risk factors can be adequately addressed through information and the use of modern methods and technologies.
  • Each of the individual measures outlined in the e-assessment concept received majority support

Befürwortete Maßnahmen

Die folgenden vorgeschlagenen Maßnahmen ergeben sich aus der Auswertung der angegebenen Bedarfe und Wünsche der befragten Personen.

Organisatorische und technische Maßnahmen

Clear responsibilities

Continuous technical support for the implementation

Personnel support for technical and organizational assistance

Central contact & continuous support of the examination rooms

Exam didactic and legal measures

Subject-related handouts on examination law

Exam didactics consulting

Contribution to quality assurance through automatic evaluation of exam questions

Service offer for the creation of competence-oriented digital exams