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Proctored Online Exams

In contrast to e-examinations, which take place in the presence of the university's computers, the examinees sit online examinations spatially separated from each other and complete the examination via the Internet. The examination supervision takes place in the form of video supervision. 

With the amendment of the general study and examination regulations at the University of Potsdam (BAMA-O) of 06.07.2022, online examinations have been made possible permanently and under certain conditions. Open-book examinations can still be conducted. The amendment statute and the new version of the BAMA-O can be found here.

Planning and conducting an online retreat is a complex task. From educating students about the planned exam format, to requesting an exam course on Exam.UP in a timely manner, to providing a mock exam, to creating the online exam, to conducting it, there are a number of things to consider.

Below we offer an overview of the individual steps for the online exam. 

Before the exam

Informing students about the format of the examination and conditions

Request exam course on Exam.UP

Designing exam questions in a competence-oriented way

Create exam questions and enter them on Exam.UP

Offer trial exam

Declaration of independence/Submission statement

During the exam

Contact person for technical problems and questions

Identity verification

Unhide exam / Timed opening/closing

Test execution / video proctoring

Documentation of technical problems

disadvantage compensation

Fraud attempts

After the exam


Save results

Exam statistics


For open-book exams, students are sent the exam questions at a specific time and given processing time in which they must return the answers. They are allowed to use aids (scripts, Internet, books, etc.), which they must then explicitly name as a source. In this way, the examiners avoid the danger of using unauthorized aids.

Nevertheless, there is the problem of adding unauthorized help or aids. (attempted fraud)

To note:

  • When taking the examination, a declaration of independence must be obtained and carefully documented. Aids used must be documented by the students.
  • The form of the open-book online examinations must be announced in good time before registration. By registering and taking the exam at the latest, students agree to this variant of the exam.