Intensive German Course for Refugees

Zessko offers intensive German courses especially for refugees, funded by the State of Brandenburg. The courses are a part of the Refugee Teachers Program and the ESiSt program.

What does the University of Potsdam offer?

  • Intensive German courses,
  • Certificate after completing the course,
  • No course fees

How is the course structured?

  • starting with the existing language level B1 (GER)
  • Course objective: C1 (RTP) or DSH (ESiSt)
  • length of course: 2 (ESiSt), 3 semesters (RTP)
  • up to 24 hours of instruction per week, Monday to Friday (intensive German course, pronunciation, PC / MS Office course, and pedagogic courses for RTP participants)

What prerequisites do I have to meet?

  • recognized refugee status
  • university experience or university entrance qualification in your home country

How do I apply?

Please see the information about the application on the following page: