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DSH Courses + - Frequently asked questions

  • a course in the scope of the ESiSt network - Successful start in university studies for international students in the state of Brandenburg
  • for prospective students of the University of Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg
  • financed by the state of Brandenburg
  • Regulations

How much does it cost to take the DSH Course+?

What difference is there between DSH and TestDaF?

Where do I find the DSH Regulations?

Must I pay a fee for the repeat exam?

Can I repeat the DSH if I didn't pass it?

Do I need to pay a fee for the certificate to be issued?

When and how do I get the certificate for the DSH I have passed?

What DSH level do I need for my subject?

With what percentage have I passed the DSH?

Who can register for the DSH at the University of Potsdam?

Do I need to pass an admission test?

How can I register for a DSH Course+?

Where do I find suitable material for preparing for the DSH?

Where/How can I prepare for the DSH examination?

How much does the DSH cost at the University of Potsdam?

How can I register for the DSH examination at the University of Potsdam?

When will the next DSH take place?