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Studiumplus FAQ

How do I register for courses?

What can I do if I have not been admitted to a course in PULS?

What are the criteria for awarding credit points (CP)?

Can I receive Studiumplus credit for courses I completed in another subject, or language courses, that for example I completed at another university?

Can vocational training or a social year be counted towards Studiumplus?

Can I have study abroad experience counted towards Studiumplus?

How can I apply to the Examining Board for the recognition of previously earned credits?

Can I receive university credit for language courses that I took at school?

Do I need grades in Studiumplus?

How many credit points need to be graded?

How do you determine the overall grade for Studiumplus?

How do key competences figure into the BA grade?

Do I have to earn a grade in all of the modules?

Do I have to take Studiumplus courses every semester?

May I already visit advanced phase courses although I haven’t yet completed the basic phase?

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