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Study Preparation Brandenburg - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the questions frequently asked by SVB Course participants, categorized by SVB application, course/examination, and organizational matters. We will endeavor to add additional questions so as to take into account to the extent possible all the topics that applicants and participants are concerned with before and during the SVB.

Questions on the SVB application

Why should I take part in the Study Preparation Brandenburg (SVB)?

What subjects can I study at the cooperating universities?

How do I apply for the SVB?

Why do I need a statement of purpose?

What happens after the SVB application?

Must all applicants take the admission test?

Must all applicants take the mathematics admission test?

How can I prepare for the admission test?

How are the places in the course assigned after the admission test?

How do admission and enrollment work after submitting a successful application?

How many course places are allocated per round?

Questions about the SVB Course and university entrance examination

Do I have to take part in the SVB Course?

Do I have to take the university entrance examination?

What is tested at the university entrance examination?

Organizational questions

What does Study Preparation Brandenburg cost?

Am I a student during the time period of the course?

Why do I need a (guest) account?

How do I get a (guest) account?