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Application via uni-assist e.V.

Available Programs of Study – Master (PDF, 5MB)

Catalog for all programs of study leading to a master’s degree currently available at the University of Potsdam. It includes important information regarding application, admission, and registration.

We are pleased that you have decided to pursue a master's degree at the University of Potsdam!

If you apply for a master's degree program, we will review whether your professional qualifications fulfill the requirements for master's studies in your chosen program. An application must be submitted for consecutive master's degree programs, regardless of whether they are with or without admission restrictions.

1. Online Application

The application for most master’s degree programs is done via the uni-assist e.V. application portal. This online portal opens on April 1 for applications for the winter semester, and on November 1 for the summer semester.

Your application materials will be reviewed preliminarily by uni-assist e.V. and then forwarded for the next stages – the application review and the admissions processes – to the relevant Examining Boards at the University of Potsdam. The University of Potsdam is responsible for conducting the admissions procedure.

Our courses offered (PDF, 4 MB) document contains all of the master’s degree programs that use this online application. Please review this list to see whether it is possible for you to submit an application for your desired master’s program for a first semester in the winter and/or summer.

Application for an advanced semester of study

If you have already been enrolled in the same or similar master's degree program at the University of Potsdam or another degree-granting institution, then you must first submit an Application for Recognition of Previous Academic Credentials to the relevant Examining Boards. For placement into an advanced semester of study, please apply informally to the relevant Examining Board. If you are placed in the first semester, then apply as described above through uni-assist e.V.

Additional information for international applicants

Please take note of the German language skills required for German-language master’s degree programs. Please see the admissions regulations for information regarding required English language skills. Please also note the information regarding the preparatory institutions and examinations for international applicants.

Please take into consideration that it might take a couple of weeks for your signed admission form to arrive at uni-assist if you apply from overseas. We strongly recommend you submit and send your application as early as possible.

It is only possible to submit an application for a master’s degree programs at the University of Potsdam within the subject-specific application deadlines. To find out whether your desired master’s degree program has restricted admissions, and what the specific application deadlines are, please consult the overview of the master’s degree programs below.

The application deadlines below are mandatory. Your application must be received in the required form by the application deadline. Your signed admission form has to have arrived at uni-assist by the end of the application deadline. The postmark is determinative.

After the deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to submit an application or to submit additional documentation.

Additional Information for Students at the University of Potsdam

Students at the University of Potsdam who would like to switch to a non-teaching-related master’s degree program after completing their bachelor’s degree should note the following information on transitioning from a bachelor’s to master’s degree program.

If you have questions about our application process,

you are welcome to contact us via postgraduateadmissionsuni-potsdamde

If you have questions regarding your enrollment process,

please contact Dr. Birgit Bismark at the Office of Student Affairs.

2. Application Materials & Deadlines

When applying for the first semester, you must submit the following documents in addition to your online application:

  1. A completed and signed admissions application The admission application is a PDF document you receive after you submitted your online application.

  2. A simple copy (i.e. uncertified)  of the German- or English-language degree certificate from your first degree (e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Diplom, Magister). Even if documentation of your first university degree is not yet available by the admission application deadline, you can still apply for admission. At the time of application, we require at least the following credit point information and proof of the average grades attained up to this point in time:
    • at least 140 CP in a bachelor's degree with a total requirement of 180 CP
    • at least 170 CP in a bachelor's degree with a total requirement of 210 CP
    • at least 200 CP in a bachelor's degree with a total requirement of  240 CP

    If you do not yet have this degree, then please submit documentation of the grades attained up to the point in time of the application (transcript of records), along with information regarding your current grade point average. If your transcript is in a language other than German or English, then a German or English translation certified by a sworn translator, along with a simple copy of your transcript.
  3. A simple copy (i.e. uncertified) of diploma supplements, or other relevant documentation from your university, regarding all coursework completed for your first professional degree. If this coursework was completed at an institution of higher education other than the University of Potsdam, then information must be provided regarding the form, content and examination modalities of the performance evaluation process.

The documents listed under 1. and 2. above must be uploaded in the uni-assist e.V. application portal and also submitted by mail to uni-assist e.V. before the application deadline. All other documentation that must be submitted can be uploaded to the uni-assist e.V. portal.

Please note you do not have to send any documents to the University of Potsdam. All required documents have to be submitted via uni-assist.

Please consult the following overview to determine which additional documents you need to upload to the uni-assist e.V. application portaland which application deadlines apply to your master’s program.

If you have questions about our application process,

you are welcome to contact us via postgraduateadmissionsuni-potsdamde

If you have questions regarding your enrollment process,

please contact Dr. Birgit Bismark at the Office of Student Affairs.

Administrative Sciences

Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture

Applied Cultural Studies and Cultural Semiotics


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Business Administration

Business Informatics and Digital Transformation


Clinical Exercise Science

Cognitive Science – Embodied Cognition

Cognitive Systems: Language, Learning and Reasoning

Comparative Literature and Art

Computational Science

Contemporary History


Data Engineering

Data Science

Digital Health

Earth Sciences

Eastern European Cultural Studies

Ecology, Evolution and Conservation


Educational Sciences

Foreign-language Linguistics


German Studies

Integrated Sports-, Movement- and Health Sciences

International Applied Cultural Studies and Cultural Semiotics

International Experimental and Clinical Linguistics (IECL)

IT-Systems Engineering

Jewish Studies

Jewish Theology


Linguistics: Communication-Variation-Multilingualism


National and International Administration and Policy

Nutrition Sciences



Political Science


Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization

Romance Philology


Spaces of Cultural Encounter in the Early Modern Period


War and Conflict Studies


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