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General and Biological Psychology

Our research aims to develop theories and models of the dynamic interactions between cognitive processes of perception, attention, and motor control.

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Work and Organizational Psychology

Work and organizational psychology is concerned with experiences of people at work and with the interplay between work and non-work life.

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Counseling Psychology

Counseling skills are part of the "basic equipment" of future psychologists and characterize - besides diagnostics and therapy - the job profile of many (practicing) psychologists.

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Differential Psychology and Diagnostics

Personality and Social Relationships, Emotional Competencies, and Emotion Regulation.


Biological Psychology and Affective Science

Biological Psychology and Affective Science are concerned with how emotions arise and are experienced. This includes interactions with important processes such as perception or attention.

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Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology studies age-related changes in people's behavior and experience that occur across the lifespan.


Clinical Psychology/Psychotherapy

The Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is concerned with the assessment, development, maintenance, and treatment of mental disorders.

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Clinical Psychology

The Department of Clinical Psychology is interested in the translation of basic psychological research into clinical applications research.


Cognitive Neuroscience

We combine explicit computational models and neuroscientific evidence (mostly event-related brain potentials, ERPs) in order to understand the neurocognition of language and meaning.

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Cross-sectional professorship Cognitive Sciences

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary project for the study of the human mind with an emphasis on sensory and motor components of knowledge representation.

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Honorary Professorships

Honorary professorships/extraordinary professorships of the Faculty of Human Sciences

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Former Professorships

Former professorships at the Department of Psychology