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Campus Golm, Haus 14
Photo: Thomas Roese
Foto: Universitäts Potsdam, Campus Golm, Haus 14

The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at the University of Potsdam was founded in 1992, making it one of the youngest in Germany. The Department of Psychology currently comprises thirteen professorships covering a wide field of teaching and research: General and Biological Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Emotional and Biopsychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Cognitive Neuroscience, Educational Psychology and Social Psychology, Differential Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics, Human Science Research Methods, and Cognitive Science.

The Department of Psychology offers a polyvalent bachelor's degree in Psychology, a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science, and two master's degree programs: Psychology and Cognitive Science - Embodied Cognition.

The Department of Psychology is part of the University Research Focus on Cognitive Science (UFSKW) and the Structural Area of Cognitive Science (SBKW).

The department is located at the Potsdam University campus Golm, in house 14 (map).