Irene Heidt

Irene Heidt


Campus Am Neuen Palais
Building 19, Room 1.25
14469 Potsdam


Winter semester:
Monday: 1-2 pm

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Curriculum vitae


I am currently working on a Ph.D. project at Hellenic American University titled as “Ethics and symbolic power: Teaching multilingual students in the German monolingual Bildungssystem”. The Ph.D. project is supervised by Prof. Claire Kramsch (University of California, Berkeley) and externally examined by Prof. Adelheid Hu (University of Luxembourg). Prior to and during my Ph.D. studies at Hellenic American University, I have worked as a trainee at a German school in Washington D.C., US, studied TEFL and Fine Arts at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and participated as a visiting scholar in the German department at UC Berkeley, US and at the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

My research interests include

  • multilingual and multicultural foreign language learning and teaching (FLL/T)
  • intersections of language, power, and identity in FLL/T
  • symbolic & intercultural competence
  • ecological approach to FLL/T
  • inclusive (language) education



Heidt, I. (in preparation). When moral authority speaks: Transdisciplinary approach to authenticity and legitimacy in multilingual educational settings. In W. Stadler & L. Will (eds.), Authenticity across languages and cultures – Transcultural and philosophical motives in foreign language teaching and learning. Tübingen: Narr Verlag.

Bartosch, R.; Derichsweiler, S. & Heidt, I. (forthcoming). Against „Values“? Komplexe Konflikte, symbolic power und die Aushandlung von Widerstreit. In L. König, B. Schädlich, C. Surkamp (eds.): unterricht_kultur_theorie – Kulturelles Lernen im Fremdsprachenunterricht gemeinsam anders denken. Stuttgart: Metzler.

Heidt, I. (2020). Teaching language and culture as discourse through telecollaboration. In T. Giesler & J. Pfingsthorn (Eds.), Masters of reflective practice – Abschlussarbeiten in der Englischdidaktik. (pp.165-180). Trier: WVT.

Heidt, I. (2015). Exploring the historical dimensions of Bildung and its metamorphosis in the context of globalization. L2 Journal, 7(4), 2-16. Retrieved from:


Selected Conference Activity

“Posthumanist English Language Teaching in the Age of Twitter Politics”, presentation at Anglistentag. Jena, Germany. Accepted & postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19

“Between trust and symbolic power: Teaching culture to multilingual students in a German ethics class”, presentation at 19th AILA World Congress 2020. Groningen, Netherlands. Accepted & postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19

“Teaching Language and Culture: Between Retention and Reduction of Complexity”, presentation at University of Cologne, Germany. November 12, 2019

“Lost and Found in Translation: Kulturelle Übersetzung (translation) und Umwertung (transvaluation) als Teil symbolischer Kompetenz?“, presentation at the symposium unterricht_kultur_theorie: Fremdsprachendidaktische Kulturvermittlung gemeinsam anders denken. Göttingen, Germany. July 1-3, 2019

“Reframing Global Citizen Education: Between Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Language Learning and Teaching”, presentation at the conference on Educating the Global Citizen - International Perspectives on Foreign Language Teaching in the Digital Age. Munich, Germany. March 25-28, 2019

“L2 Teaching between Memory and History in a German Politics Class”, presentation at American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Chicago, USA. March 24-27, 2018

“The Relevance of the Ethical Dimension in Intercultural Competence”, presentation at University of Luxembourg. November 08, 2017

“Mediating Sacred Truths in a German Language Class”, presentation at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Nashville, USA. November 17-19, 2017                    

“Between Bildung and Haram in a German Language Class”, presentation at American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Portland, USA. March 18-21, 2017

“The Current Discourse on the German Notion of Bildung in Europe”, presentation at Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders. Athens, Greece. September 23-25, 2016

“Global Exchanges and Local Historicities in Telecollaborative Online Spaces”, presentation at AILA 7th Junior Researchers Meeting in Applied Linguistics. Winterthur, Switzerland. September 10-12, 2015


Grants and Awards

2019                    President’s Award for Academic Achievement (Hellenic American University)

2015-2017           Ph.D. Grant, Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft (SDW)

2013-2019           Ph.D. Partial Tuition Waiver Grant, Hellenic American University

2010-2014           Study Grant, Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft (SDW)


Professional Service

2016-present               Reviewer, L2 Journal