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Secretaries' Offices

Please, note:
In the current situation, the department’s secretaries can only be contacted either via email  or - at the times below - via telephone:
Please check this list regularly for changes. The currently valid office hours (until May, 2) you find here . . .

Peggy Audörsch
Room 0.17
Telephone: 0331/977-1043
Fax: 0331/977-1526








currently appointments only via email










Sekretariat des Prüfungsausschusses

Anglophone Literatures and Cultures outside Great Britain and the U.S.
Prof. Dr. Lars Eckstein
Dr. Andrea Kinsky-Ehritt
Judith Coffey

Cultural Studies GB
Prof. Dr. Anja Schwarz
Dr. Carly Mc Laughlin 
Dr. Mojisola Adebayo
Dr. Carla Maier

English Literature
Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiemann
Dr. Aileen Behrendt
Florian Schybilski, M.A.

Simone Heinze
Room 1.27
Telephone: 0331/977-1134
Fax: 0331/977-1605







Tue and Thu
9 - 11 & 13 - 15 
Wed 9 - 12








American Studies
Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller
Verena Adamik, M.A.
Frederike Offizier, M.A.
Alisa Preusser, M.A.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Primary School)
Prof. Dr. Jana Roos
More staff information here.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Secondary School)
Prof. Dr. Britta Freitag-Hild
More staff information here.



Elisa Capli
Room 1.04
Telephone: 0331/977-124494
Fax: 0331/977-1609





Mo, Tue, Wed, Fr 9-12 







Department Administration
More staff information here.

Development and Variation of the English Language 
Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Wolf 
apl. Prof. Dr. Ilse Wischer
Dr. Arne Peters
Alisa Egorova, M.A.
Denisa Latic, M.A.
Anna Finzel. M.A.
David J.G. Lewis, M. phil.



Stefanie Schröder
Room 0.22
Telephone: 0331/977-1185
Fax: 0331/977-1609


Wed 9 - 12 & 13 - 15
Thu 9 - 12



Present-Day English Language
Dr. Claudia Lehmann
More staff information here.



Jana Krassa
Room 0.22
Telephone: 0331/977- 113190
Fax: 0331/977-1526

Mo and Tue 9 - 12



Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Secondary School)
Prof. Dr. Urška Grum
More staff information here.