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B.A. students with Studienordnung 2021/22 need to pass an oral exam to successfully complete Basismodul Fachdidaktik für die Sekundarstufe Englisch (ANG_BA_021).

The purpose of the oral exam is to assess students’ knowledge of the contents of the lecture (Introduction to English Language Teaching) and the seminar that they take in this module (Texte, Medien und Lernmaterial).

Students need to have taken both the lecture and the seminar to register for the oral exam. The exam is 30 minutes long and is in English. Students get asked questions about theoretical issues covered during the lecture and their practical applications as exemplified in the seminar. The dates of the exam are announced during the seminar.

Students need to pass the oral exam to be able to continue with AufbaumodulFachdidaktik für die Sekundarstufe Englisch (ANG_BA_022) and to register for Planung und Gestaltung von Englischunterricht (PuG) and Schulpraktische Studien Englisch (SPS).