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Portfolio (BA Modulprüfung)

According to the study regulations a portfolio needs to be handed in to complete the respective ELE module. 

Here you will find all the information needed to successfully work on your portfolio. The portfolio tasks are supposed to...

  • help you to examine growth and development over time
  • initiate a process of self-evaluation in order to show your strenghts and weaknesses (as a result of this self-evaluation you are supposed to develop a plan for your personal development as a future teacher)
  • show your ability to connect theory and practice
  • support your ability to reflect critically on the theory and practice of teaching foreign languages.

Where and when to register?

Before handing in the final version of your portfolio, you must have successfully completed the lecture, PuG and the SPS. You may register while your are still in your SPS. Registration is only possible via PULS. Please keep in mind that registration on PULS closes a certain time before due date. You may choose your examiner as long as he/she has enough capacities to correct your portfolio. The available options can be seen on PULS. Please note: you have to meet the deadline for handing in portfolios. If you registered for the 'Portfolio Modulprüfung' during summer term, you also have to hand in the portfolio within this semester; the same applies for winter term. Portfolios that are registered or handed in later than the given deadlines will not be accepted.

Where and when to hand in?

winter semester: until February 15th

summer semester: until August 15th

What are the portfolio tasks?

  • The porfolio tasks are described on the Moodle websitewhich you will also use to upload the Portfolio. 
  • On the Moodle website you can also find the self-evaluation sheet.

What should I keep in mind?

Please take a look at the criteria we use for grading your portfolio. You can also find it on our Moodle website. They should help you writing your portfolio. Please do not forget: a front page, a table of contents, the appendix and your list of references.

For your front page please use the given template, which you can find on our Moodle website.

If there are any further questions, do not hesitate to see your examiner during his/her offices hours. Please note that we will not be able to answer your questions via email.