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Ephraim Desisa


Campus am Neuen Palais
Building 19, Room 0.24


Winter term:
Meetings via zoom.

Curriculum Vitae

Ephraim arrived at the University of Potsdam in 2021. He studied English, French and German for international students (DAF/DAZ) at Universität Potsdam and Université de Paris, France. He passed the first state examination for secondary schools in 2011, then started his teacher training at International Schiller School Potsdam in 2012 and received his PGCE (2. Staatsexamen) in 2014. Afterwards Ephraim taught seven years at a secondary school in Potsdam before joining the TEFL-Team in August 2021 where he teaches different modules in BA/MA studies (PuG, SPS, PX). Being passionate about films he is interested in teaching languages through films as well as inter/transcultural learning, teacher training, mediation, teaching materials, global education and diversity education.